Monday, December 3, 2007

Another birthing post. Dang it.

Advent is upon us! Hooray! This is the BEST time of year. I just love it--AND it is supposed to snow tomorrow night. Hooray!

Man I really REALLY can't abide Rikki Lake but this does look interesting. There is a preview you can download and watch if you can stand watching snobby Rikki Lake(yuck) --- ( in a cowboy hat too-double yuck).

(caution: there is some labouring footage and one a bit exposed breastfeeding shot---I just don't want to scandalize anyone--particularly sensitive little ones who may be looking over mom's shoulder- or people who are in general more sensitive to that kind of thing )

Can you all tell what is on my mind today? Because sometime in the next five weeks or so we are going to have another one around and the reality is beginning to hit again. I am so exited to see this little stranger!

Ben took me out for a really REALLY nice dinner at the Bistro and a Mozart concert at the Long Center. It is always nice to have a last hurrah before the baby comes.

Okay well I didn't want this whole post to be about birthing but it practically is. DANG it. That is such a pregnant lady thing to to.


Joannie said...

My friend Megan (who's a doula) saw a premiere of that in Philadelphia and loved it!!! I think it would be hard for me to get past Rikki Lake, though... But she said it was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I still don't know how to get a blogger identity but oh well. Anna, I can't believe you're gone "sniff." I am excited for the new Hatke baby to arrive and hope all goes well. How can I get your email address to send pics of big fat Jude?


WondrousPilgrim said...

you are such a pregnant lady. youre entitled to pregnant lady posts.

that's why i don't go to the dentist or doctor either. i'd rather be at home making jam. whcih i did. this weekend. that'a another thing you use a cast iron dutch oven for...


Ben Hatke said...

sherry--please please e-mail pics of cute little Jude. I miss you too. (sniff sniff) Go to Ben's website for his e-mail and he will forward whatever you want to me. Then I will e-mail you. I know that's all so complex but I am always scared to post my e-mail adress on blogger. Call me paranoid. Let's just say I HATE spam.

Maggie, my mouth is watering at the mention of your jams.

Ben Hatke said...

rrr. that was me again. I need to remember to sign Ben out. . . .

Anonymous said...

Anna,Ben, do you remember me?
Lina, Maria Pia and I wish you and your three (I said three!) little babies a merry Christmas!
Tornate presto a Gravagna!!!

Ben Hatke said...

Certo Fede!!! Certo!

Tornato questo Primavera! (non lo so la mese preciso ...penso aprile?)


Ben Hatke said...

Ciao Fede!!!!!! Come voglio tornare a Gravagna moltissimo!!!!!! Saluta tutti per noi!

Speddiamo tornare nella primavera!

Tanti baci,