Monday, December 24, 2007

Anna's snappy grinch of a post.

SOrry to vent a bit here but with my last trip out into the holiday madness of the grocery store put me out me over the edge a bit.

So EVERYONE I tell that I have a Christmas due date, particularly ladies in the grocery store, tell me how horrible it will be for this poor babe to have a birthday around Christmas time and how he or she will grow up as a deprived child because they won't have the full lime-light on their "special day." Well true, if birthdays are celebrated as the narcisstic extravaganzas that they are in our cutlture, than certainly one would feel a bit put out having to share their moment of glory with oh, say, only the most important human EVER in the history of mankind.

Sure it gives mom more to do during the Christmas season, always having a birthday to prepare for in addition to everything else but I can't think of a more beautiful, peaceful or divine season of year to be born other than the Christmas season. All my siblings but me were born in the Christmas season and I always loved having all the birhday parties around Christmas time with all the decorations up. In fact, it fit perfectly with the festivity of the season.

Additionally I find it interesting that the old European tradtion is to celebrate one's feast day or "name day" as a birthday with cake, presents etc. In fact the opposite of the current birthday madness. Instead of "glory be to me" the child is immediatley made aware of the veneration of the saint under whose patronage they have been established.

After all, its not like thousands of people don't all have the same birthday as me or those ladies at the grocery store or anyone else for that matter.

So while this pregnancy continues I only get happier knowing that this child will most likley have a birthday some time in the Christmas season. .. . .hope I haven't ruined everyone's Christmas eve with my rantings. . . .


Anne said...

Quite the opposite. I think one of the reasons I read blogs is to share in others' frustrations. The real life, day to day stuff.

Besides you make some really great points, and I'm really hoping to put a bit more emphasis on the saint day than the birthday in this home too!! :o)

MRNichols said...

Dear Anna, Almost 5 years ago on Dec. 28th I gave birth to my little girl.I LOVED carrying her within me during Advent and Christmas. I felt like a peaceful vessel in full sail quietly moving over the snowdrifts on my walks to church. And when I was sitting inside church, well, I was safe and home, and close to the most gently warming and dancing Hearth there is. (Not that I don't believe in His intense blazes also.) It seemed during that time He surrounded me with His quiet and joyful AND encouraging expectancy and I am grateful for such a Blessed Christmas. You and your new babe will be in our prayers. Sincerely, Michelle Nichols

Annie said...

I think that ladies in grocery stores should keep their thoughts and hands to themselves. As if pregnant ladies don't have enough to think about without stupid garbage comments from strangers. And doesn't it ALWAYS seem to happen in the grocery store?

gipsyjaime said...

hooray, anna!

dian said...

I never knew this was here and have been waiting and waiting for news of you and family and baby. It seems that all is well. It's not the same without you here... especially those Wednesday morning hikes, which I have maintained and adapted to the conversational level of my 2 year old Brennan (also very wonderful -- lots about rocks, trees and bugs -- no philosophy, parenting, cooking or sustainable living). Drop me a line sometime off-blog if you can spare the time with your new contact info. I am terrible about keeping up with these things.... obviously!

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