Tuesday, November 20, 2007


No I haven't died, but we did sell our house and move to Indiana so things have been more than a little crazy the past couple weeks. I am finally back to having internet and we are living in the apartment Angelica was born in, a little servants quarters of an old Victorian, complete with a woodstove and clawfoot bathtub. It feels a little bit like Italy. I do miss our big yard in Virginia though as it was wonderful to have the woods right outside but as the cold weather approaches we usually do more indoor things anyway.

I was very exited to find that there is a farmer here who does local produce drop off in front of the hardware store once a week all through the winter as he grows stuff in solar greenhouses too. His lettuce which I sampled last week was incredible and the best part is you order the produce online and pay with paypal. I guess Joe Saladin is right and the internet really could be responsible for revolutionizing the way we find our food.

I went up to the midwife today and baby's heart sounds good, I have gained weight---something I was worried I wouldn't do with the move, and the coolest part is there was this little Amish couple who was just finishing their postpartum check-up with their first baby. They had a tiny newborn in little Amish clothes. I have to say the dark cloths look a little stark on a newborn---but the little Amish bonnet was cute. Our baby is posterior (AGAIN! Rrrrrrr) So I am banned from comfortable armchairs for the remainder of the pregnancy. Mary Ann is however going on 1500 deliveries now so I am in good hands.

Oh and my sister in law had her baby, a little girl, Ana Louise. She is tiny and very cute. Even cuter than the Amish baby--but then I am a parital aunt. She has the most wondergul long toes I have ever seen.

Otherwise I am running around like a mad woman trying to get life organized before it gets disorganized again as soon as possibly two weeks from now (when I'll be full term. ) At least three of my mothers four pregnanices were Christmas babies so she is very sympathetic and comming to be with me after the baby comes. I can't wait to see her! (its been a long time.) We did talk on the phone the other night and she told me she got to see Gravagna in the snow before she left. Che Meraviglia! I am tutta gelosa!

Enough posties for now.


Anonymous said...


Good luck settling into your new place! At least you're not writing your thesis, right? Ha, ha. We moved into our house one week before our first baby was born, and things were pretty crazy (even with no other little ones to look after). My mom helped me out so much--aren't moms the best?

Hope all goes well with the new little one, and that you have a Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth Butina

La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

My heart aches for Italy.

Christmas babes are great, though.

In Christ,

Annie said...

I will not let myself be offended by the mis-spelling of my daughter Anja's name... since it is in the same paragraph as "wondergul!" Tee hee hee!