Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Favorite Illustrator Number Two

I guess this is only the second time but I like from time to time to highlight some illustrators of children's books whose work I find simply. . . beautiful. Lizbeth Zwerger is another of my favorite children's illustrators and her work is very simple in its lines and pallet but very soothing especially at for bedtime stories. Angelica is very much enjoying her version of Little Red Cap right now which is translated from the original German fairy tale. I like this version because the hunter cuts grandmama and Red Cap out of the belly and then they replace themselves with rocks and sew him back up, after which the wolf attempts to walk and falls down dead. (its rather comical to think of, actually)

Of course the Front Royal library only had one or two of her books but there are a fair amount out there. I would love to get a hold of her collection of Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales. I saw it at a bookstore out in CA but we were in a hurry and I didn't have time to look at all the pictures to see if it would be something the girls would really enjoy yet or if it is for older kids.

Anyway, in other news, a package arrived today from Ben's parents, who have been over in Italy and it had all sorts of wonderful goodies for everyone. We all had a very nice mini chirstmas opening it on the porch. There was a lovley pair of the softest most beautiful baby booties I have ever seen, made out of sheepskin. I can't wait to put them on the baby. And then of course there was pecorino and reggiano, and lavazza cafe, and my FAVORITE jam in the entire world. Then there were little toys for the kids, pottery from Assisi, a little book for Ben, and so on and so on. Ben and I have already been sneaking to the regridgerator to steal cheese. It made me so homesick for Italy, and Pontremoli and Gravagna in particular.

The only damper on the fun of the package was that the poor mail lady shut her hand in her car door trying to get the package out and she had to come in and ice it and it was bleeding really bad. I felt to sorry for her. If she had taken me up on my offer to stay a little while she might have made off with a little Italian cheese for her trouble but she was in a hurry so I guess she missed out.


WondrousPilgrim said...

Hahaha! That's a great story, Anna!

I love L. Zwerger, too. Really, if you see her books, you should just buy them because they are hard to find, and all of them are lovely. I love her for many reasons, but two specifically:
1) she always uses the original text, and when things are translated, they are good translations. The end fo the Red Cap story is an example.
2) she never illustrates the images you expect her to. In her illustrated Bible (which is my favorite, and actually has the text of the bible in it! KJV) she doesn't show the nativity, she shows the adoration of the Magi, for example.

Plus her colors are soothing, her stories are classic, and her artistic quality is stunning. When I have children, I will be copying and framing her illustrations for my nursery, that's for sure!

anna said...

Maggie, that is SO good to know about her Bible. I have been looking for FOREVER for a nice children's bible but have always been turned off by the illustrations so until I can chain Ben to his drawing board and force him to make me one I am going to go and buy hers. Probably tonight.

Thanks so much!

La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

watercolor can be so beautiful in the hands of good.

Brain Wildsmith has lovely ones, too.