Saturday, July 7, 2007


No I'm not dead, we've just been visiting family in Lafayette. We had an enjoyable stay and my sister-in-law of limitless patience once again opened her doors to us all. The girls had lots of fun playing with their cousins and enjoying their favorite part of their grandmother's new addition, the mudpit in the backyard. (I enjoyed the rocking chairs on the back porch.)

We were bummed that we didn't get to talk to Father Tim, but after all, he is harder to see than the pope, so I shouldn't be too dissapointed.

It its good to be home in our own snug bed and be back into our routine. I have found that it is a source of increasing peacefulness for me the longer I have it. The last few days have been a little sad as the Powells are moving out of our basment. It is been such a fun adventure having them here and I will miss my daily chats with Beth while we hang out laundry and knead our bread. (those tasks women called drudgery long ago, only became drudgery when done in solitude--of this I am now convinced.) I will miss seeing Caryisa and Angelica play in the front yard chasing bugs and enjoying their curious conversations of which I can only imagine the topics. But I console myself that both our families are such gypsies that there is no doubt in my mind that the adventures of the past eight months will be repeated again.

And now I will be going through our pile of stuff in the basment and the harwood flooring men are comming the following week. AT LAST!!!

And thank God this has been a cool breezy summer so far. We are truly blessed. Other than two days in June I havne't pined for the AC once.

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