Tuesday, April 24, 2007

haircuts for the woolsies

Yikes! Sorry its been so long. My poor mother who was visiting us came down with pneumonia and finally thanks to all the prayers, my dad's beef stock, and the great doc at the FR emergency room is back in California finishing her recovery.

What have I been up to since then? Well lots of laundry and as if I didn't wash enough stuff every day I have added wool to my list. Beth and I decided to try to make matresses for the girls so we bought all this wool from sheep farmer who was happy to get rid of it. Now comes the hard part. We have been washing it in big plasic bins in the front yard with really hot water and dish detergent. Then we have been spreading it on the front porch to dry in the sun. This gets all the strong sheepy smell out and leaves a nice "wooly" smell too in addition to turning it from a brownish yellow to a beautiful creamy color. Wool sure is cool stuff. And the kids have been having a fun time too. We just have to keep Zita from throwing rocks in the bins.

Beth took some pics but I have to get them off of her camera.

p.s. SHERRY, I didn't know you were preggo!!!!!!! YEAH!

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