Monday, March 5, 2007

Wildlife, Movies, etc.

We have been having some birds comming incredibly close to the house lately. Part of this is luck, part of it is that I have been putting bread crumbs out the back sill and part of it is that some of the few trees to escape thus far, the Virginia developers' machinary are located directly behind our house. So here is a what the girls and I caught this past week.

Well how about the arctic BLAST that came this past Sunday. I have to admit I would have been very happy ending winter on that last snowfall we had the week before but no, Virginia always has to make it last that little bit longer than is comfortable.

Ben watched the Zita for me this past Friday while I took Angelica to stations and it was really exiting to see how when I had the time to explain everything that was going on to her she really enjoyed and followed along with Stations. Morbid as it may seem to some I think that Stations of the Cross are such a great meditation for children. Some of it is stuff that they identify with at a very young age, like falling down, getting hurt, etc. Also since it is such a visual and pictoral spiritual exercise it really lends itself well to children. I can remember at Kolbe as a kid they had these stations that they would put up in Lent that the kids of some class had drawn long ago and I loved them so much as a child.

One of my dreams has always been to have an outdoor stations of the cross. My BEST stations memory is doing these outdoor ones in a redwood forrest in California when I was in Junior high with this one preist. The stations were beautiful cut wood ones and they were hung on redwood trees throughout this trail, so it actually took you a long time to walk from one to the next. Hello? Why hasn't Christendom done something like this yet?

Anyway I'm rambling here. The other thing that I did this weekend was go to my first flea market of the season. Loot? Two bowls and a cute little tin birdhouse. Not bad considering I needed the bowls. I'm really wishing I had bought the bulliten board now, though. . . . .

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