Tuesday, March 13, 2007

P &P. . . .

Curse you blogger, it makes me not want to post as much when I don't have a cool picture to post. Ah for the primitivism of livejournal--where the purists hang out-(well not the REAL purists. They only write in real journals or keep sketchbooks using primitive implements known as pen and paper. ) But seriously with livejournal things are not so visual. Perhaps that is why Blogger is more Catholic. Because it is visual.

Jen called me up last night and asked if my kids were in bed yet and did I want to walk over and watch the new P&P with her which I had promised to do ages ago. Once my chirren (Mary's word--she needs to copyright it) were in slumberland I walked over and we brewed some cinnamon tea and watched Keira Knightley sulk about the screen.

Okayokayokay, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. AND it was nice to see some of the perks of a bigger budget, nice costumes, artsy music, etc. Jane was also prettier. Yeah way prettier. I'll give you some nice visuals here.

Old Jane vs. New Jane. I'm sorry but Jane is suppsoed to be the really "hot" Bennet sister. New Jane fits the bill much better. Old KK--however I thought was a dissapointement as Lizzie as she only was remotley good when she was copying Jennifer Ehle. More visuals here. Old spirited Lizzie vs. pouty vampire Lizzie.

I was "bewitched body and soul" by the little romantic license. Having Darcy in profess his love in a downpour is much more romantic than the stuffy drawing room. BUT at the end of the day I felt the film hijacked all the romantic parts of P and P and none of the substance. The acting performances in the A&E version were far superior and that always wins.


Anonymous said...


I couldn't agree more. I ended up loving this version of P&P, but compared to the A&E version- it doesn't hold a candle. And yet, some part of my melodramatic temperment really enjoyed Darcy coming over the fields, with all the fog and dew fresh on the grass, and the sunshine streaming in at that early morning angle, and saying to Elizabeth "You have bewitched me body and soul..." Honestly, Darcy didn't talk like that- but he should have, damn it. Forget those Jane Austen customs and smooch her!!! I wish Bob would tell me I bewitched him body and soul... wait, the last time he did that I got pregnant!! Aaah well. Also, you are right about Jane- she's prettier than Lizzy and also doesn't have that vampiric look to her.

Miss you,

P.s. "Chirren" is a word from Flannery.... brilliant Catholic fiction writer. I picked it up from her letters which is the best book I've read in a long time!!

Floaty said...

Why to man say love in rain is better than home?

Rude, girl get wet in rain, have listen to man struggle word of love. She soaked, maybe sick, not good doctor that age.

Best not make girl stand rain.

WondrousPilgrim said...

poops. i responed and then blogger said "your request cannot be processed at this time".

anyway. I agree. not as bad as I thought, beautiful and sumptuous, but without the real spirit of the book.

Annie said...

KK DOES look like a vampire!! Pouty Vampire Girl is a perfect way to describle you.

And DARN YOU MARY for making me snort while trying not to laugh out loud in the library AGAIN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Annie, my goal in life is to have you drinking a cold beverage (preferably a carbonated something) whilst reading my witticisms and THEN snort while sitting next to a smelly library personage. Ah, it's the little things that give life meaning.